Monday, March 28, 2016

Hello from the 2016 side.

In midst of drafting an email negotiating my future, *click* here I am. 
Landed myself back to this place. 
It has been a crazy 4 years of abandonment and procrastination.
Always wanted to revamp this place or perhaps move as this is already filled with tonnes of memories. To be completely honest, I'm not the most confident person on earth. I'm always afraid of being judged by what i write and the pictures i put up. Now this place is quiet enough for me to turn this into my little thought generating place and to exercise my brain-finger coordination.

A word simple enough for people to understand what it stands for but requires tonnes of work to fully identifying it for yourself. 
People often ask.
"What's your passion?" 
This is one of the hardest question to answer (at least for me) and this question is the same level as the when-are-you-getting-married question that pops up everytime you met a distant relative.

When it comes to passion. Advices be shooting in like,
"Do what you are passionate about."
"Turn your passion into your job and you will never work a single day."
Basically slapping you in the face with how not successful you have been for the past xx years of your life by not working towards your passion.

So, how can you find your own passion?

For me, I dont exactly know but I'm willing to get out of my comfort zone and try to grab whatever opportunity that comes in my way. Eliminating the Nos in hopes of finally finding the Yes. 

Perhaps another leap of faith.