Friday, June 13, 2008

Beat it!

The other day when i was watching tv
i came around the Oprah Show and i saw this Dr.Oz thing..
Stress is something very common to us..
Yes...and it seems like i'm always under stress even when i'm going for shopping..
Apparently, stress can be health damaging too!
it doesnt only affects emotional and mental health..but also the physical.
Dr.Oz said something bout beating stress
so that v could live longer..
he then said..
Human chromosomes are capped by Telomeres which are used to protect chromosomes from destruction..
To be short, stress damages telomeres
As a result..replications of cells couldnt be done..
if v lose the ability to produce new cells..
that means v r aging..
Japanese study found that an individual's age can be roughly estimated from the length of their telomeres.
Tai chi ,Qi Gong and meditation are effective ways to reduce stress
SO Protect the telomeres!
and beat stress!

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