Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Daddy Love

Fathers' Day is coming!
15th of June
Have steamboat with Dad (what he always wanted)
and this is also the first time ever dad has requested us to buy him something
For more than 20 years..
v bought cards and shirts and pants..etc..he never requested for anything neither does he complain bout his presents..
This year..he wanted a brand new phone..
I know my dad
he wouldnt ask us to buy expensive 3G phones
just a simple one..
That costs RM300+
Then i got to know his intentions..
No.1 - i dun hav a phone (now)
No.2 - He wanted to get a spare phone
SO...go figure..
Then..he offered to "lend" his phone to me..
New phone..i use..
Old phone..he use..
My dad..have always been the best..
Give us the best that he could afford..
And as for him.. he said " anythinglah.."
I love you daddy
with all my heart..

P/s: not a super high tech it!

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