Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Trippin' -1-

First stop- the place v was kinda nice
Then Pj street wanna meet up with my sis to give her my cleanser and to get my camera.
And she sponsored me 50 bucks for shopping...sweet!
Then v r off to times square not exactly where i wanna go but nvm..
I've promised S that i'll meet up with him in Pudu..But since i'm in Times Square already i might as well ask him to come look for me..
He got angry..and i was really upset..bcz there's no way for me to go back there anymore.
so i sort of left him alone..
With the combination of my foolishness..i made him furious again by directing him to the wrong LRT station...*sorry*
I assume that he was pretty excited to c me..cause the anger was gone..haha.
went to hav chicken rice..and it was bad..wasted my money for that.
All dressed up for clubbing..what do v get? One whole night of
Instead of goin Barcelona..v sort of went visiting clubs.. sitting in the car enjoying the
Then one crazy idea came into our minds..stay for another club.. haha

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