Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Trippin' -2-

Woke up early in the morning get ready and off v go for bfast.
Breakfast at Pj street- i ate Pan Mee + Soya Bean , He ate Wanton Mee + Lo hon ko.. eeuww..
and also duck thing and curry puffs (saved for dinner cause too full)
As i was walking around i suddenly stopped in disbelief..
I saw loads of lychee..OMG..big red juicy lychee..haven seen such big lychees in years..
I have a history with lychee..they are considered as my worst enemy besides cockroach makes me sick literally..
Next Stop - Pavillion Kl.
I was excited cause i really wanted to shop..hoping that i could bring home the whole topshop or forever 21..hahaha
unfortunately nothing! only iskin for my ipod..sob..

wanted to buy a watch for him..but he doesnt want..
Next v went to the food court to find a way to make our crazy stay-another-night idea...
worrying bout C's mom...and at that time Y and U fought and they sort of disappeared from our sight..
C's mom was kinda upset.but finally it was a yes.. =)
the first thing that came into my more clothes..aiks..
Idea? Cross dressing with ur fren.. =) lol
i wore Y's she wore my outfit for the day..
Without anybreaks...v went to find a settling place..
When the night was over..i was partially deaf..and exhausted..and kinda drunk..
thanks to S...offering me drinks nonstop..
It was pretty nice..
One fella came over said a bunch of stuff but i couldnt hear what he was sayin..
i heard "kai" i was pretty pissed..and in
it stays in my head for quite some time ..
after that v went for some early morning supper then bedrock...sigh..

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