Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Trippin' -3-

After one whole night of partying..i'm getting really blur..
woke up in the morning..reach for my contacts..put it on..
Is it something wrong with my eyes??
why is it still so blur after putting my contacts on??
Lil did i realize..someone's lost his
Then i found out i've put on somebody else's contacts..haha..
Mine was in the bag..silly me..
So first destination- Mid Valley.
Went to have lunch (skipped breakfast) at the food court.
i ate KimChi rice..yumyum..
I din hav much i have to shop and shop in hope to find something for myself..
saw this top at miss selfridge..ran outta my size..i think this seasons' clothes are getting a lot bigger..cause i can hardly find something that fits me..
or really..did i shrunk?? that much...?
I found one top that is nice and it fits...but what does he says? "NOT NICE"...Fine..
Then v finally got tired sat down and wait for the others to come meet up with us..
Sad head home with nothing..well at least i'm happy..
General Review - Money wise..not ok..used a lot of money..but bought nothing..
i was really happy..cause it was my first..have a blast with my frens.. =)
Hope to hav better trips ahead! =)

p/s:bout that fella yday...something wrong with my ears..misunderstanding it is..i heard cantonese but it's i'm totally wrong..and i glad! =)

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