Sunday, July 20, 2008

Birthday Post

I've had a great bday weekend thanks to my pals, my family
and yes the fat man..
Thank you for remembering my bday n also those lovely bday wishes.
so here goes:

Friday 18th July 2008:

went out to have a movie with my classmates

king sou

lovely couple *wink*

Warning: This video contains infectious laughter and may be disturbing for faint hearted people. So please watch at your own risk. (p/s:Lower down the volume)

Saturday 19th July 2008:

Korean dinner with my sisters n simon
then went back home to watch the vid that he made for me =)
countdown..n watched the movie SAW..

Sunday 20th July 2008:

girls day out

my photo sticker collection lol..

thanks for the lovely gifts! =)


On top of all those happy moments.. i even got really good results for MUET..
yay me! =)

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