Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I believe in Horoscope =(

The forecasts bout me for this year..
completely true..
i'm not feeling well once again..
last year..was one virus free year..
except mayb for that "poisonous" lychee b4 NS
This year's bday was a lil bit special because i have 2 whole days to celebrate my bday..
because 21st is my lunar bday..
i was suppose to be vegetarian for a day..
three fried wantons kills the whole thing..
sigh again..
Forecast for tmr?
One runny day..
i should bring lots n lots of tissue =)
Updates: Today is worst than i've expected...
Not only flu..but i got fever as well...
I have to walk around with blazer on because i'm really cold
Apparently my body temperature went up to 40degrees..
Doctor suspected me of having denggi fever..
I hate being sick.. the feeling is almost unbearable..
Cold outside..but burning inside..
and have to eat lots n lots of med..
i got cough syrup, antibiotic, flu med, 2 types of fever med.. =(

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