Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I spot this on the newspapers the other day..
So i did a little research on nanos..

1st generation- ipod nano was released on sept 2005
2nd generation- on sept 2006
3rd generation- on sept 2007
and now the latest,
4th generation- on sept 2008

( i guess you have to buy it on Sept n then sell it on Aug the following year ..if u want to keep up lol!)

I think the last model look's much nicer than this one...
but.. since it has 8 vibrant colours ..i'll say..ok.
it's available in 4gb , 8gb and 16gb.

New features:
-shake to shuffle songs
-2" widescreen display
- can be tilted to the side n watch vid sideways..
-Genius feature (finds a song that goes along or maybe same genre with current song and creates a playlist too)
-accelerometer (switch between portrait and landscape display modes by just tilting the iPod left or right-great for games)
-voice recording (but you have to plug in your own mic)

The plus thing bout this ipod is , it is said to be environmentally friendly =)
with PVC free design and claimed to be highly recyclable

oh..ya most importantly, prices start at RM599 =)
if you're interested or just simply curious click link below!
Apple Malaysia

Just watch this

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