Monday, September 29, 2008

Minesweeper Madness

As i let my random mind roam freely,
something caught its attention..

It is like those free games that comes along with your computer
but you never bother to play it.
Nevertheless...i've tried..
My reaction.."what the heck is wrong with these numbers"
All i can see are cute little squares and numbers..
and also bombs..

I felt like a dumbass when my fren, Bobo first showed me how to play minesweeper..
i was like " this only arrr?"
Hah! that was easy!.

To those of you who is still wondering what minesweeper is,
click start, then to go all programs,
then games.
and you'll find it listed there..

To those of you who already know how to play this uber simple game
may i suggest your next challenge..

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and participate in my polls =)

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