Tuesday, October 28, 2008

100 yen shop!

As i entered i saw tons of ppl inside..
i can c mainly are just looking around checking out stuff inside rather than purchasing anything
it's called the 100yen shop..
i thought 100yen is about..RM3.30..
but mainly their stuffs are priced at RM4.90..

(me snapping pics here n there like some freak.)

i saw lunchboxes and cooking utensils

plates n tupperwares..

food section (very little ni..)

it's a massager... u know the manual type..where u have to roll it up n down urself..

girls' stuff...nail buffer, false eyelashes,eyelash curler,..etc..

he found a spot to takei...in this crowded lil shop.. swt

lots of scissors..including the ones that can be used for hair cut.



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