Monday, October 27, 2008


It's been so long since v have some kind of celebration n a girls night out =)
well since v all have
haha it adds on to the thing called "freedom"
let the pictures do the talking..


midya n i (with no makeup on)

4of us having dinner at Black canyon

Ciara n sexy 66

ciara posing with sik's present

happily posing..

look at midya's expression =)

busy unwrapping presents

aha! spotted on ciara's wrists... blinggey..

siksik happily playing with the bubble thingy.. (idk wat it is well u can tell me if u know..just leave me a comment in my cbox)

i have no idea y i'm posing sideways but who cares.. everybody looked ok in this pic..=)

our glads! whee...

we surprised sik sik with a "baby tee" (literally)

initially it was for ciara's cousin..but..well we had a lil fun with it n siksik

and yes she did believe it was her present

tadaa..this is the real deal..

ice cream toast!

spot this on our way there..then the 3 of us walked towards that building to check out wat's goin on..hmm but we chicken out in the v din JFF

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