Monday, October 6, 2008

Raya Hols.

"hey u woke up d?"


"i bought breakfast for you and it's in the kitchen..ur dad and i went out to buy some stuff..oh ya..and we will be heading down to kl later around noon"

"oh..really?...u guys have fun then..remember to tell dad to drive safely k?"

"err...u're going too u know?"

"harrr??...haha ok larr =)"

--Following are some random pictures taken at random moments in a random manner--

a peek in the ladies room..


mom and dad

my sister =)

mom's itchy hands

aha...i spot her hand..

choco mint..yum!

MOF -Ministry of Food
(not suppose to look that bad.. it's green tea ice-cream n red bean paste thingy..n mochi..--its too darn sweet!)

some japanese dessert @MOF

feeling beachy?...


cute guy i saw in 1U

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