Friday, January 30, 2009

Driving 101

I noticed Ipoh has been really packed since Friday..
(imagine traffic jam from Perak Girls' School until Medan Gopeng?)

you see..
there's only 2 lepak places in Ipoh..
if u din go scouting for Ang Paus..
then I'll prolly c u in Jusco/Parade..

Result: Heck load of cars cramped out in one place

Tips for u Drivers out there (especially inconsiderate uncles):

1. Manners!

Example: Incident one.

(click to enlarge so tat u know how pissed driver B felt)

From the diagram, B was happily signalling after rounds and rounds of searching for a parking.
Then.. C enters the freaking entrance n saw this huge parking lot awaits..
enters the parking lot thus leaving B parking-less.
driver B did not jump out of the car n slap the fella
neither did driver B scratch the fella's car with keys.

2. Manners!
Example: Incident two.

C was there before B.
B stopped behind C and waited for awhile.
Lucky B, Car A was gonna leave.
driver B let driver C to reverse parking into tat place.
C turned down the offer (idk why)
leaving B happily Parked into tat place =)

3. STOP! when required..
cause you'll never know who is driving behind u.
It might be SOMEBODY escorted by 50policemen?


Hot On said...

theres all kinds of weird and good drivers around.

it makes the world more colourful, isn't it?

happy new year, im new to here too :)

Harmony said...

It's not only IPOH... haha

Yatz said...

well..sometimes i wonder how all the drivers could get their driving license..PHAIL~!!!

Ames said...

To Hot On: I'm nt sure whether they will make the world colourful.. but they'll be painting ppl's head red for sure..hahaha..happy new year to u too =)

TO HaRMOny: yeah...

To Yatz: lol..yes! agree..

samantha said...

haha. maybe because driver C cannot do a reverse parking. haha.

Ames said...

hahaha. din thought of that also..
possible possible =)