Monday, February 2, 2009

Skin Food

Today is my first day of work..
(i resigned my job at Kumon already)

I consider this another brand new start
I've got to learn and memorize bout hundreds n hundreds of products
n also to be able to sell it to the customers..
but OK =)
at's something INTERESTING for me to learn about..
not forgetting getting my hands on all the testers..
I tried on a lot today.. gonna try summore tomorrow

i already got a few packs of samples today(1st day at work)
from cleansing cream, cleanser, toner to mask

Well my colleagues are kinda friendly
fully based on 1st impression..
i dun wanna be to quick to judge..

i was pretty messed up today..
i'm so new..there are like hundreds of products there.. dun know exactly wat they have..
wat's the to use..the price..etc.
One customer asking me bout 2 way cake..i'm like Shit dunno where la.
dun even know how to promote..
ONE category has like a few types of products correspond to it.
swt lor..
For example cleanser: got cleansing cream, cleansing foam, cleansing milk, blabla..
then summo got aloe vera , this that... swt..
this was mess up NO.1

Mess up NO.2
I read the wrong label..
saw the wrong price..
The customer was like " Why so expensive? i tot u say 20++ .."

Mess up NO.3
i left one tub of nail polish out..
and she left..
din get to chase her back n give it to her..
well..hope she's not angry bout it or anything..

well i'm sure there was more mess being made.. the end..stilll managed to hit the daily target..
tmr noon shift =)

(p/s: drop by and say hi to me ler )


Hot On said...

haha.. may the force be with u..

i wish i can drop by...

NIMI♥ Co. said...

wahh boleh melawat u ni..
in jusco is it??

Ames said...

To Hot On: Thanks =)

To ainee: yesyes =) come visit me =) hahaha.

Ames said...

hey Hot On.. i've visited your blog..
sadly..i dunno how to read ler..

Hot On said...

hey, no worries, i will still continue reading ur blog :)

Ames said...

thanks a lot =)