Sunday, January 4, 2009

New years

2008 had been

Troubles and unfortunate events turned out pretty bad..
some even leaved a mark..
while great stuff came rushing in..

well time seemed to breeze thru so quickly tat i haven got time to absorb everything in the books. still i studied..well maybe not as hard as Form 5..
All my weekend nights out (mainly for movies okay!)
Hopefully results doesnt turn out bad..
Please god..So that i can enter good uni..

Nonetheless, Joy was in all year round =)

(thank you especially to my mates in class- ciara siksik n midya for making me feel like a kid again with all those naughty stuff v did in school n keeping me company..MUAXS)

2009 by all means end of schooling life for me..
ok maybe MOST of my friends are already in college for a year or so..
but yeah i'll's a fresh new start..
(fyi-i did Form 6)

so everybody is moving into a new life..
idkwhy i'm still hanging to those lazy bum taking own sweet time n procrastinating attitude..
MAINLY used in 2008
Gotta charge into this nu ya quick!..
some ppl already got a job d..dun wanna tell me..

p/s: miss u ler siksik

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