Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bai Tin Kung

Warning: Non-Halal Content.

I seemed to have a lot of things in mind to blog about..
Nvm..Start with the most recent one la.

Yesterday was pai tin kung,
Suppose to be Hokkien lang's culture
but..i tagged along..cause i did it too last year..
so why not eh?

He came by n visit today, Surprise visit (after reading my last post =p )

sushi supper

having it in the car cause jusco was gonna close

terry's house

the "gold"

eat eat eat after that
Considered as my Pre-breakfast
then of course.. gambling session..
i know my luck.. therefore i sat there n observe
went back around 3++ almost 4am
woke up at.. 8 to get ready for work..zzz