Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I survived!

Guess i survived from today's
heart thumping hands shaking moment.

I DIN GET A "C" !!
(not trying to offend anybody here)

i dun have 4A's ..
still no Cs..
CGPA .quite ok la.
Overall: I'm satisfied.
My plans: Apply for tons and tons of university etc etc. Wait for results of the application. (June 14th) clear?

Another thing that adds joy to the celebration is:
(i know i know..big deal..)
since June 2008.
I'm simply giving myself reason to celebrate..
Too happy =)

Today's celebration goes like this:

Hopped onto Ciara's new hawt ride.
Honda City.

everything was pretty awesome in front.

back seat.. fuiyohh.( she's gonna kill me.)


off to Jusco.(where else?) to have our lunch

lasagna =)

Watched the very much sought after film Slumdog Millionaire.
1st indian film i watched.
Quite good cause it pictures the life of a slum.
pretty much in detail of everything.
But was kinda weird cause it started off in tamil(language)
then they spoke english later on.
like they suddenly learn how to speak english.
So. Go watch!

Dun watch "Watchmen"
It's a WTF movie.
You watch and go like "wtf is goin on?"

Btw..today's outing includes. ciara n i only
to bad..
suddenly everyone has their own thing.
so both of us for the day.
Was gonna go sing K one lo...
Waiting for sik to come back..
v go sing k =)


Hot On said...

i can even feel your happiness just by reading ur blog.. :)

stay happy!

Lainey said...

congrats! which uni is your first choice though?

haha i just watched watchmen yesterday night and yes.. such a wtf movie... and what is with the bright blue glowing shlong? haha

how's working at skin food?

Z.wei said...

wee~ amy!! glad to c that u r happy~ hehe~
so,planning to go for engineering?which field of engineering??

Ames said...

to Hot On: Thanks =)

to Lainey: First choice shud be UPM.Not very sure bout the course though. anyway skin food was alryte. I got my 1st paycheck. not too bad. =)

to szewei: Wei i was thinking chemical engineering.. ok ar?

Z.wei said...

chemical engineering in my uni got quite a lot of labs ler...meche and cheme got the longest labs among all.LOL. 8am-5pm lab. haha.. if u like chemistry n u dun mind the chemical things, it shud b ok. :) regarding the future career, it depends on which field u go to. some jobs of chemical engineering r not so good ler..cz u need to face chemical stuffs often so it might affect ur health. :S still, it depends on what job u take. have u ever considered petroleum engineering?? high salary oh.. ;)