Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dude where's my car?

Bout that dude who double parked.

yo brudder..
u think u bought the parking area ar?

(oh. i just discovered that i can edit pics using my phone ..swt.)
confirm the fella failed the undang test.
I consider myself a quite considerate person.
i understand if u just want to get down to buy some stuff then zoom off
but no!
the whole jusco already closed.
the only place that is still open is the cinema.
God knows where u went.

Double-double parking. Gan Cheong.

(dunno why blogger dun let me upload the fella's number plate a?)

ahh here it is.

oh and one thing i saw one "P" sign stuck on the front mirror.
i wonder whether it belongs to the person who drives the car that day.

I'm making a fuss over a small matter that happened everyday?
Just wanna keep my mind away on what's install for me a few hrs later.


samantha said...

pai seh. i did that before pai seh. *shy*

Ames said...

i knoww...i read..
wei i went to mc-cheaters todayyy