Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm Okay

update*: guess i'll be busy these days..

update bout some ass who double parked my car tmr.

Random brainless remarks i heard:

"oh dun buy from her cause she got A pimple on her face"

so i got a pimple on my face.
big deal.
dun let me see u with pimples.
maybe i will
heck load of them.

Till a point where nobody understands
put a smile on my face
and say

"I'm okay"
(I'm just making a fool out of myself thank you.)

It's hard to describe situations into words
turn emotions into adjectives and verbs.
It is definitely more than just that.
It's complicated.

I'm ignorant.
I know.
I just couldnt accept/bother what others are telling.
I know I'm not that spicy ol' ginger
but I'm not stupid either.

I'm a 100% crabbie.
Emotions may run wild.

(For you know what reason.)

Sleep now.


Hot On said...

wad happened..?

anyway, stay cool and happy.. :)

Ames said...

nothing much..
i'll be okay..