Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pick up from where i left

It's that blogging-mask-music blasting time again.
yeap yeap.
It's alll bout the blogvironment.
I'm squinting hard trying to look at the screen
all so blurrry.
i couldnt wear my specs u see.

May is my self-declared "Bulan Menjimat"
Everytime i annouced this "menjimat" thing,
my buying bug bites me hard.
As you know.
I stopped online shopping for quite some time already (2months =)
suddenly the itch came back to me.
VV hard to make money ga you know.
Kept asking aunties to buy and spent 9204239489810231930091 hours patiently explaining hoping they would wanna just take it and off to the cashier counter.

*btw my ipod kept playing me nice songs. Me likey =)

ok i shall shut up now and make way for pics.

Kopitiam Last Night.

Bah! Hide my face.

Random McD Night.


Posing with her injured finger.

Handmade plaster for Mandy =)

Meeet my neww BABY =)

I have more but it's stuck in cow's cam which was very unfortunately infected with virus.

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