Sunday, May 3, 2009


Can anybody tell me how to get pictures out of an infected SD Card?

I dun even know how on earth does this Sd card from a camera could get infected.

Apart from the failed Sd card, I failed epicly on fb.
I opened the page commented on some photo's and profiles then i did nothing.
Tons of invitation waiting to be ignored.
ok mayb i'll accept it one day..
Fb is just not my thing now. idk why.
Mayb cause i'm now living in a cave called Jusco?
Everyone gets connected in fb.
it's fun.
But my fb is totally empty.

Ok back to the sd card.
Dunno why these days a lot of virus huh?
even camera punya sd also got
I often recieved a lot of
"check out my new photos "

"what do you think of my new hair?"

"wan cool new wallpapers? http://you'"
today i recieved

"i saw your naked pics or mayb the one that looks like you. totally hot."

i think i shud reformat my lappie asap.

Donut time =)

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