Friday, April 24, 2009


5. Girls' Yum Cha Session

we were at practically the largest kopitiam in Ipoh.
I think.
Tell me if i'm right/wrong.
Nevertheless it was huge.
and it opens until 3am.
Cushioned seats.
Downside- too big wifi no good.
and the location of the cashier also no good.
if sit upstairs u have to bring ur bill down to pay.
No good.
No parking also no good.
and the area is kinda dark.
so if quite dangerous if you're driving alone.
oh and the toilet.
Freaking funny.
it's that kind where both male and female can enter.
but each have different
lol. yes.
So while us girls are camwhoring in the toilet.
guys rushing in looked at us and asked whether it's a girls' toilet o wat.

the girl on the far right was a long lost mgs school mate named Eugene.
She migrated to Liverpool when v were 10.
(i hope i got her name right )

Stay tuned ppl.


Yatz said...

wtf..your long lost friend's name is called Eugene??? a girl named Eugene?? o.O

Ames said...


NIMI Co.♥ said...

ur new hair i loike..
neway i've been there and yeah the cashier like cam bodoh je..
we have to go downstairs to pay

Ames said...

hahah yea..