Saturday, April 4, 2009


*****Update: So i finish my dulan-ing.
Thank you for those who are caring enuf to ask why am i so dulan..
All i can say is - It's Complicated.
Btw i've been trying to sign in my blog from 10.30 onwards..
now ni can sign in.
I'm currently on a SLEEP EARLY MISSION.
cause some ppl has been complaining bout me looking like a panda.
So no blogging for tonight.
Tell you the truth,
I have TONS of pictures to upload.
Tons of events to blog about.
Oh yea.
Little did i know my blog has like 200+ unique readers per week.
(it's already a lot compared to last time where i only have like 20-30 per week?)
I'm seriously working hard trying to cash out my nuffnang lo.
Still a lot more to go.

Been really really Dulan these days.
I'll update once i finish dulan-ing.
Idk why a lot of surprising events happened to me these few days.
Some left me feeling like a celebrity.
Like suddenly everyone knows me.
I know.

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