Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'm a murderer..

I just murdered something today.
ok or shud i say
something got murdered by me today.
pretty disgusting scenes.

Pictures first.

dead n gone with white shitz coming out.. euww

crime scene


it's still moving when i'm busy taking macro shots of it.
i have to hold my phone close to it.

Ok for those of you who knows me really well
you guys know that I HATE COCKROACHES
Often when my little eyes located them,
I'll immediately scream/shout.
call me scaredy cat cause for some event
i made me cry..
They are just the most disgusting thing on Earth.
I saw discovery channel and they said cockroaches have been on Earth for a very long time
AND WILL CONTINUE EXISTING even longer than human beings?.
cause they can simply eat their own species.

see wat i mean?

Well at the end of the day,
i'm not sure the thing i killed is a cockroach or not.
but it is certainly very very cockroach like. wtf.
Look ma! I'm brave =)

Oh ya. if you're bored read this http://jenkinyat.com/2009/05/02/conversation-of-pussy-and-assholes/
no need intro.title says all.
it may take you away from all your boredomzzzz


Hot On said...

ya kill them all~~

Ames said...

i want to..
but i dun think i'm brave enough to kill big ones