Saturday, May 30, 2009

In Dilemma

My head surely is spinning right round now.
After weeks of disappearing,
I'm Sorry I have to tell all of you that I'll be leaving.

At least i think i will.

OMG idk.

I "found out" that i have gotten an offer from USM,Penang.
They gave me my first choice *sobs
Explanation: Simply cause they din inform me that the application results are out. I checked after being told it was out. If not. God Knows when i'll find out.
Besides this, you have to reply to them before the 31st May 2009.
Today is 29th.. so 31st is just? ..u do the math.
I still need time to think..
On top of that (still got summore) ,
if u accept their are required to send some documents to them.
BY 31st May 2009.
Oh great.
Today is Friday. Tmr is Saturday.
and 31st is Sunday.
How am i suppose to send it so that it'll reach by SUNDAY?
Even worse i have to work on weekends.

What a news.

Another thing is the campus is not at the heart of Penang..
Which means..
I'm not even close to Cendols, Laksa, Lobak.. food etc etc. Beaches, Malls...Of Penang.

But i can see the parents are already excited cause they get to visit me and good food.
They already offered to take me there to look at the campus and go Penang for food n shopping. (i think that is the main intention btw.)
Clever folks.

So what shud i do now?
Yes? No?

Since i have not updated for a vv long time..
Many have abandoned my blog.
i suppose..
by the time u guys read this i think i have already made a decision.


y said...

it's a YES!!! go for it i fully support u!!! =D good luck and all the best in everything u do! bout the due date i think u better call them for confirmation kayz..

Ames said...

thanks dear..