Saturday, May 30, 2009

Last Words.

Dad was already excited..
He said "Faster go click yes larrr!"
He also said he felt as though he sudah kena lottery.
My girls n i were chatting and we're like..
ONLY RM1400 peryear .
omfg cheap wei.
so why not again?
When i came home from work yesterday,
as i enter his room..
i saw making a big thumbs up for me.
He's damn excited one lor.
(he was also jealous cause i called mom to tell her but forgotten to call him. hmmm blame it on the headache pls:)

On the other side of all these,
i was busy complaining that i dun have enuff time to think n react.
As i was saying in my previous post.
They shud've sent me/us sms or email to inform me/us.
Clever ppl.
Not giving u ample time to think n react.
so that u just click yes and then live with it.

Before the end of this post. I have already accepted the offer.

bye ..


Zwei said...

USM penang!! together with jen! :) it's a good uni, the best around for our local uni. what course you got?
congrats~ :D

Esther said...

good to hear your good news.. =) i hope all works out well for you... :D

Lainey said...

Congrats Ames for getting first choice! :D Well done.

samantha said...


Ames said...

Szewei:Thanks =). read my newest post and you will understand.

Esther: Thanks a lot =)

Lainey: haha thanks girl =) ..apparently i could get my 1st choice. grr

Sam: thank youuuu =)