Wednesday, June 3, 2009

24days to go...

I eventually felt like i have no more time left.
As if i'm going to Africa and not coming back?

I'm now trying to keep myself occupied..
Just make use of the time i have in Ipoh.
Seeing buddies and all.
Maybe a short vacay..
Bad news- I dun think i will be goin to redang..
maybe somewhere near?
Penang beach?

Please do make plans with me =)
I'm gonna be soooooooooooooooooooo FREE.
Yeap, u heard me.

swt =.='

Oh, and apart from that,
do not freak if you see me overdressed in Jusco or some yumcha place.
I just wanna dress nicely so that i wont waste pretty clothes that are sitting in my closet now.
i know i wont be wearing nicely so soon.
So no cincai look from now.

My already-simplified-to-do-list:

1. Quit my job

2. Find out how to write an appeal letter

3. Fill in yayasan form

4. Photocopy all the important documents

5. Get another passport photo taken or i shud stick with my old one(uglllyy)

6.Go shopping for clothes

7. Shop for the stuff i need

8. Find Loan

9.Get Garmin grrr... i need it!

10.Fix the printer

11.Get my eyes checked and contact lenses done.

12. Guitar

more coming..

I'm getting those refuse to go to National Service feelings.....
I shall post an old pic of mine

dun laugh


y said...


Ames said...

hey! i said no laughing! grrrr....

Zwei said...

u know... i have a different set of clothes for uni. all collared shirts. HAHHAHA!! when i come back to ipoh, i don't wear them at all. i keep my pretty clothes at home because don't see the need to wear nicely in my uni. no leng chai to "electrify" anyway. :P

Ames said...

Szewei: You mean collared tee? not those working shirts type ryte? cause i dun wanna wear those all the time ..vv i have a license for overdressing in public =)

Zwei said...

yup, just normal collared t-shirts, like polo shirts those type. my uni still allows jeans and t-shirts, girls can still wear round neck or V neck. I heard from jen that USM don't allow jeans and must wear formal everyday? >.<

Ames said...

szewei: really? u sure? cause i saw ppl wearing jeans before.......