Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Penang (Overdue)

Did i tell you my campus is
This big.

Location 1: USM Nibong Tebal.



this is just from the entrance.

see those two pointy tower? apparently they have their own big mosque inside the campus.

Location 2: Sunway Carnival Mall

My portion of food at Nando's as if i eat tat little

Initially i was trying to snap some pics of the event they are having.. as soon as i point the camera, bam. they pose. swt.

Caught in thebucks

pink civic spotted.

Location 3: Bukit Tambun

Superb view. and my dad of course.

Flies stuck.

small octopus.

squirting lalas

shark curry (breed for eating tat is.)

Omg so little time.. So much to do. I haven finish packing for tmr's trip.. grrrrrr...
i'll be able to online while in Kl but i dun think i can update.. cause i need pictures.
Can only reply tickles/comments


Zwei said...

Bukit Tambun! nice seafood!! hahahah~~ :)

Ames said...

yes! :) happy shit