Sunday, June 14, 2009


I have been monitoring my own online routine.
And proudly announce
I know why i haven been updating bout my whereabouts.
I been a lot of places this and that.
tons of photos screaming for my attention
so that they can be uploaded here.

I'm always very busy.
(as if)
Switch on the lappie
to kepo ppl's blog.
then a lil fb.
then msn.
Have my frens replying at lightning speed.
stops me from uploading pics.
blah blah..

By the time i'm free.
Prolly it'll be like 1am?
Upload n update takes me.. erm. 1 hr?
SO i have to sleep at 2!

See! I'm wasting time again now..
Grr.. trying on stuff i bought today
I'm sleepy already!

Will be having a slumber party with the girls tmr =)


Lainey said...

LOL to your photo. Those things are cool.

Ames said...

Lainey: I found this in my friend's shop. They have bigger ones too. I just go around making the display sets look like this lol..