Friday, June 12, 2009

Starbucks Datesss

***Attention to the hungry cow: dun be jealoussss when you see this =p

1. When with mom to chill
(cool ourselves after spending a bomb at the lingerie section.)

javachip frapp

shepherd's pie. amazzzing =)

well this is nothing compared to the outing below.

2. When with 2 si beh hot chick

another session of gossipping chatting gao gao.
Szehaw n Ning are back for their study week ended up...
i dun think i need to elaborate any further.
Needless to say, they needed their break =)

3 green tea frapps


ning's tomyum pie

my banana choc muff

szehaw's great wall of china was built because she couldnt finish her pie.

Oh, i was gonna post bout my penang trip and let all of you to have a peek into the campus.
grrr. god knows where my sister put the usb cable..
anyways, tmr's gonna be another historical day.

(at the moment while i was typing "historical:" the song conquest of paradise was playing in the background. swt)


Yatz said...

wow..u do swt much as i wtf..LOL

akizaki said...

i missed that 'cekodok' lah...

Ames said...

Yatz: lol. yes.. i used to wtf a lot too.

akizaki: cekodok?

NIMI Co.♥ said...

wahh fatty larr u take the cream..ahhahhaa!!!

akizaki said...

that banana choc muffin lah..
i used to call them cekodok...

Ames said...

ainee: errr..not many cream ni..a bit ni hehe =)

akizaki: lol..what's with the name?

akizaki said...

its similar to that muff actly...
same ingridients..


thats it!