Thursday, July 2, 2009

Guess who's back?! =)

My orientation week had been really tiring.
I told my mom " Ma ngo oh see tou ng tak han arrr" ( mom i shit also no time arr)
Sleeping at 12-ish everynight.Waking up at 6 plus every morning.

To tell you the truth, it's not those camp type-activities filled orientation week
To me, It's filled with talks and speeches bout almost the same contents ..?
(some are informative though)
The things they talk about are like tags where bloggers used to put at the end of the post to categorize the post.
Something like that.

The tags for the talks :-

1. Apex university

2. Apex students

3. Apex this and that.

I was fishing throughout the session.

Please appreciate the pictures i took below.
it takes a lot of effort and courage
to whip up the camera and snippety snapping.
I look damn jakun lor.
Like sakai.
ppl all looking at me.
I go ohh ahh then snapping.

Initially the plan was to layout the whole orientation week.
then i realize i had talks 85% of the time.
so i categorize my pics in a different weird way instead.

My Room

-I'm sharing with 3 other room mates.
- So freaking dirty when i first entered. Thanks to mom and sis, they turned that pityful corner of mine into a haven.

siksik's upper body

siksik's legs

er...i dun think this is mine.
*shifty eyes*

this was hw the original room looks like..


inside the cafeteria.

most visited stall

name list.


A place in nibong tebal

what you see is what you get.
Dishes that you order looks exactly the same as the ones in the wall menu.

this was wayyyy better than the ones from my previous trip.

ice kacang (in cafeteria)


Sneaky pic during Majlis Sambut Siswa


Free food

Talks by the School of Material & Mineral Resources

(ignore the face) She's the Pengarah Campus.

funny scene.


Lecture Hall 1


sik sik all geared up lol

the outdoor gym thingy

*excited* MILO =)

Dinner Nite

rehearsal pic.
i was the"penyambut tetamu"



Zwei said...

hahahhaha~~ Apex this and that. Jen was telling me that too, and she was very frustrated with the word "Apex"! LOL. XD

NIMI Co.♥ said...

wei so many pictures..whoaa!!beshh tak?

Ames said...

Szewei: omg..she also a.. she's in kelantan???

Ainee: hmmm orientation was kinda boring laa.. tapi considered ok ge la..