Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hello World.

Finally i have internet connections in my room.
Which means.
I can blog more often. (if i have the time..)
I can get connected to the world. wtf.
I can chat with my frens
I can blogshop bloghop.

I heard they monitor blogs.
*biting nails*
i dun exactly know how
maybe i shud be careful and watch my words..

i couldnt browse my cbox grrr..
idk for what reason they block cbox.
Its innocent okay..
oh well
Meantime you all can leave comments/tickles instead.

Remember i said my campus is really big?..
Pardon me.
Ciara's campus is wayy larger than mine.*shy*
Have fishspa also. (according to her)

I'm getting really sleepy ..

** I did post bout my orientation week. It's somewhere below. =)


JenKin Yat said...

hahaha have fun blogging in the uni and get fehmes :P

Ames said...

hmm idk to wat extent ur fehmes kinda scares i'm being scrutinized...on second thought.. i rather stay discreet for now =)