Monday, July 6, 2009

Fathers' Day

Did i mention that my dad
is somewhat an adventurous person?
He can quietly drive along the highway and
when we come upon the Genting road sign
He quickly said " Eh come la we go genting stay for 1 night..Very convenient ni wattt"
Phew thanks god they have set up some flimsy yet useful dividers
to prevent ppl like him
making sudden turns into that exit.

This fathers' day was another 1 of his adventurous act.
The difference this time is mom being the clever one predicted the whole scenario.
so we brought extra clothes along to KL.
If not i can be superman wearing nothing but shorts and tee(one big whole at the back) .

Fyi, the purpose of the KL trip was to shop for my uni needs
*shifty eyes*


love this dresss. Dun have my size grr!

half of the loot.
idk where the other half went.

curry. yum.

kuli no.1


view from my room

sisters unite!


Those animals are in a rather bad condition.
They were caged and forced to work like kuli.

Sister was telling me this
century old tunnel like bridge (wtf was i describing) is the one
we saw in the photo

well i took one myself =) for remembrance

and in that tunnel pic, our uncle was carrying my sister.
so a suggestion was to reenact the scene
well we figured the bridge prolly couldnt hold that much weight and vibrations..
so v did it at a safer place.
epic fail btw. cause v grew..(So so much)


Happily posing once again with ppl's car

Banana choc muff, Caramel Macchiato, Hot Choc

Disappointments when i saw my fav yoo tiao .
Not nice at all.

Nice toppings, hard crust

I have grey eyebrows!

wheee.. that's all.
Happy Fathers' Day Daddy =)
MUAXsss *plants big fat kiss on his face*
whoops is it too late?


Lainey said...

You look so pretty yet adorable in your photos.

Ames said...

Thanks =)..