Saturday, July 18, 2009

Missing out!

My brains starts to get really really tense.
It's about time i get one of those time management classes mom always talks about.
I can manage my time alryte.
I'm able to make plans and prioritize the things to do.
the problem is ...
I just couldnt stick to the plan.
Maybe because i'm a procrastinator..
In short in gives me a hell lot of problem cause i'm doing almost everything last minute..
Now i shud have started on the assignments.
but i havent!

2 tutorials, 3 assignments, 1 letter
plus a lot more things that i have to sort out.

My sisters just got back from a warehouse sale in KL.

look what i've missed!
(on the bright side, I'm not the one who spent 1.2k =)

Random pics for this week:

School of Aerospace engineering

A place where all the lecture halls are placed.

There is an event that requires a photoshoot.

Looking at the pics



PoisonKagero said...

Aha. Another person in the FML mood! =)

Zwei said...

weehee~~ how r u doing up there Ames??! XD i am starting my sem next week luu...sigh. hols finally end, i am sad. :P

Ames said...

Yw: Yes yes super FML!.. =(

Szewei: Erm starting to get really busy..and tense..dun be sad...

Lainey said...

happy birthday! happy birthday! i like your positive thinking. least you didn't spend 1k. :D hahah love it. :D