Thursday, July 16, 2009

Penangness Weekend 1

There was once where a senior asked my friend
" Eh you got car?"

Friend replied, "No worr"
"Then ah.. 2 weeks here you will die liao"
Senior asks again
" Laptop leh? got anot?"

Friend replied " Dun have also. Haven buy"
"Wah then 1 week sure die!"


From the scenario above,
I agree that it is pretty boring laa.. (i dun have a car not even a bicycle)
After 2 weeks of staying here,
this friend of mine already dead/half dead/dying.
So last saturday, this half-dead friend of mine with lots of enthusiasm and determination declared " I MUST GO PENANG TODAYYYYY!"
After about half an hour of thinking and preparing,
he finally got what he wished
All of us obviously agreed cause there's nothing to do in the campus.
Plus, shopping is the best sport =)

My wtf face

My face beamed just by looking at the mall wtf lol

Sadly it was a roller blading rink rather than ice skating one..

Kim gary

One of my fav
(thanks to my sis who got me addicted to it.)
Oh and pork tooo...

2nd meal before heading back

Pictures kinda little. Cause i was busy exploring the mall.
And i dun think my friends are familiar with me whipping out my camera all the time.
Oh i bought an epilator.
I'm hair-less now..


Lainey said...

if the epilator is what i think it is, then... i have always wanted to use one of those things. :)

Lainey said...

hehe i just googled. yeah, it indeed is what i thought it was. good ah?

ainee si ketua pari2 said...

aiyaa bring ur kenari baby there larr

Ames said...

Lainey: It's very portable. cause the one i bought uses AAA battery. Can use it wet/ both ways..
definitely a good investment to keep me hair-less lol..

Ainee: Haih... kenari baby leaving meeeee alreadyyy sob