Friday, July 31, 2009

Thank god it's 31st Today!

In these quarantine period..
I went out to catch a movie

I'd say it's pretty hilarious movie..
But when you talk bout story line..
Not good.
Like how i score in my essays..
content -1/5
If you're not into the funny.
You shudnt watch this.

Oo btw i found a cute pic of the sleestak =)

Arent they cute?
"Feed your sleestak"

Anyway i wasnt feeling alryte for the whole day
Woke up in the morning with zits condition worsen.
And i pissed my sister off just now..
Annoyed by what she said. grr
well thank god it's 31st today.

Quart sized full of rum raisins =)
*convinces self to smile*

miss my zit-less face wtf
Gonna have to start on the work i've brought back soon.


mello said...

Oh okaay (: Well that's reassuring! And if you're able to go out and watch a movie, surely that MUST mean you are in a state of good health! :D I wanna watch that movie too. Will Ferrell's the best.

Ames said...

If you're into Will Ferrel then you shud definitely watch it.He's so darn funny. Although i'm in a state of good health mom still paranoid cause i just return from an infected area i would say lol

ainee si ketua pari2 said...

lorhh tak bestt meh??
macam beshh je..
i nak pergi tgk dis wednesday

Ames said...

ainee: very funny i would say..tapi.. story line mmg tak bolehh