Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's the beginning of the end

Yoooo.. I'm spreading honey & royal jelly goodness on my faceeeee.
Hopefully i'll be zitless tmr.

Back to what i initially plan on writing...

This is the scene where i send Sik Sik off.
She's leaving to Singapore.
To study in NTU and abandoned USM

ciara n i together with sik sik =)

Resolving the luggage issue.
Apparently these students brought more than what the bus can contain.

smart ass

her farewell committee.
Obviously larger than ours (which consists of only ciara n i)

Soon to be singaporeans..

Sik sik and kah yee

farewell committee

Well a shoutout to siksik chai:
Wish you all the best in Singapore.
Do your best and Good Luck in everything you do!

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