Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gosh I'm so Slow!

Last time i used to question my sister,

"Je how come you come back on weekends so long also cannot finish what you wanted to do geh?"

Now i know the answer to that question =(
Imma have to cut the crap and go straight to the pichas.
*They complained that i'm slow =(
I know..
they are so efficient already uploaded photos to *FB

So here's the rest of the photos i took.

Venue: Friends Cafe, Ipoh
(not bar not pub or whatever.. The ambience is made to be dark)

A reunion session turns into camwhoring session.
We were there for only 3hours max. loll
Look what we've done.

was washing my hands when she snapped this

Sugar. Honey. Sweetie

Goin to be sabah-fied girl.

Us with G.I vin lmaoo

Sweetie . Honey

Note the shirt

Wished the whole gang was here... aweeee...
siksik, mw (i think she's still lost bout my blog) and midya.

Hands down yy is more photo-sensitive than i am..


Venue: Jusco (yes the infected JJ..)
Went there cause i have to settle some stuff.

Excited kid.

Mint Choco Chip and Mango Sherbet

I about that killer day.
My schedule goes like this
8.30pm till 11pm ish

I think i no longer know how to end a post correctly.

-Super Abrupt End-

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