Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm Home

Home felt like a place for the distress mind.
Being able to return home means i can stay at home, chill and rest my mind.
Needs alone time.
I know everytime i return home it'll be a weekend full of activities.
This time,
I'm happily staying home =)
and blog.

Another factor is the most "happening" *ahem place in Ipoh-->Jusco
Is rumoured to be very dangerous cause of H1N1.
I've recieved 2 messages asking me to stay away from Jusco.
But what if i needed to get some stuff?
Btw i'm staying away from shopping.


This is what i did with my phone's built-in image editing functions.
(i did this because i couldnt sleep on 1 random night)
bear with me.
I'm slowly turning lunatic.

me in dad's blazers =)

5 pics then i fell asleep d =)

Since i'm back.
If mom asks "what did u learn in school?"


Hakuna Matata aka Lion King

-abrupt end again-


Zwei said...

ooo~~ i love the black-and-white picture! very vintage and classic. ;D you are having mid-sem break right? jen just sms me saying she is back too. :D

Ames said...

Yay to my phone... =) oh i dun have break ler...=( haih cause of that H1N1 close down

Zwei said...

ooo...well, it is better than having study week canceled like my uni. T__T

Ames said...

haih..well i cannot judge.. but for now.. without mid sem break is dreadful