Saturday, August 29, 2009

Morning Coffee

After spending an hour,
trying to figure out how to display the number of comments
for each post..
HTML illiterate.

Morning Old town(not kopitiam) coffee


Lainey said...

oh i miss m'sia food especially the chicken ho fan place. sigh.... btw i really like your new layout. wrote it yourself? pretty good leh... konon html illiterate. haha i've been wanting to make one myself too... but i'm so lazy to find like a nice layout to work with...

anyways are you on break?

Ames said...

We'll have 1 big makan sessio when u're back =)..No i wouldnt be html illiterate if i'm able to write all these.. I copied and make some adjustments to it..

My break will be on the 19th till 27th.. for Raya