Sunday, August 30, 2009

Non-stop Karaoke Night Nearly Killed My Voice.

**Updates: Photos are up on Amie's FB.

I just got back from Cameron Highlands.
More on that later.

From the title you can see,
my voice nearly got killed.
Luckily i had watermelon juice right before the karaoke session.
The session started at 9.30pm till 2am plus.

Below pics are more on the 2nd part of the session where 2 participants already left.
More pics with Amie.
Getting from her soon.

*Warning- Not suitable for minors.*

amie n ningie

Idk wat was i trying to do with my finger
*innocent eyes*

OK be calm. Idk wat we're trying to do too.

karen n i

calvin n i

That's all.
I'm sooo sleepy now.