Tuesday, September 1, 2009

10minutes post again.

Another 10mins post
before i'm off for lalaland =)
*hint- zzzzz *

I have a test on wed.
I'll be back after the test.
meanwhile i gotta study.
Weekends at home do no good for me.
Epic Fail..
My aunt making plans here and there..
Food hunting.
And i missed out on today's trip to Tg.Tualang for scrumptious prawns.

Altho the week has just started,
i noticed some already made plans for the weekends to come.
Cause nxt monday is hols tooo =)

Blogger is being gay again.
Couldnt upload any pics.

Finally ..
Just a few pics from food hunting.


sotong kangkung =)

leng chee kang



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