Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I seriously miss my zitless face.

I'm backk!
After being emo-nemo-fish. =)
I did not blogged for days cause i really have nothing to write.
Considering the fact that i did nothing on the weekend.
And i have lots of zits!
Yes dun give me that "you-dun have-zits-lar"
comments anymore..
cause really my zits condition worsen..
Usually i'll be okay once i'm back home.
I seriously missed being zitless.

Now i have to keep my face away from the camera!
=( damn.


egg + tea

i missed their custard too. Unfortunately sold out for that day.


I did managed to catch 3 movies while i'm back.
So here a quick thought of those 3.

If you're not into fictional stuff.
And cute cuddly guinea pigs.
I suggest u stay away from this.
It is definitely a family movie..

2 out of 5

Not a scary movie.
If you're into the funny.
It's a must watch!
But it'll be better if u have some basics in Mandarin and Hokkien though.
i have a little
It's good when you wanna have a good laugh and relax on your holidays.

4 out of 5
(just cause i'm into the funny)

I think this is worth watching compared to Final Destination 4
since i heard quite a number of bad reviews bout it.
This movie is not a thriller.
I'd say no gruesome scenes
But a pretty good movie with a slight twist
that keeps the audience guessing of what's coming next.
Watch it =)

4.5 out of 5

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