Friday, September 25, 2009

Red Head!

After so long.. i finally managed to meet with Li Khean aka RED HEAD.
Met her during my National Service days.
she never fail to make me laugh. Like always.
And i had a really really splendid 3months with her in NS.

Where she got her nickname RED HEAD?


It's pretty obvious if u ask me.

This was the 2nd time when she tried to dye green (fringe part)
but it turned out to be blond. lol


She ditched red. Goes.. erm..brown-blond?

Swee and I (NS Mateyyy)

too much yellow hue


Lost to this kid.

See the super-focused face?
Dun play play.

Since there's nothing to do in jusco,
Swee Li and i suggested that we go Camwhore (wat else?)
Terpaksa do it in the arcade
cause the roof was too hot and there were a lot of ppl lepaking there.
Those 2 (Li Khean and her fren) wasnt fond of camwhoring .
so they went on with arcade games.

p/s: i'm getting bad at this =(
and english too

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