Monday, September 14, 2009

Word Vs Sword

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Have anyone ever told you not to care what others said?

Have you had people telling you that
you shouldnt be too sensitive of what others might think or say?

I guess I'm no Superhuman.

I admit i'm easily hurt.
I do care what others think and what others might say.
Sometimes i take it very heavily.
Maybe sometimes i acted weirdly because of this.
Sometimes it just takes a whole lot of myself to overcome all these.
I'm definitely lying if i tell you I'm myself all the time.

Words could be so hurtful.
" A pen is mightier than a sword"
i beg to differ
Words are definitely mightier.
It can bring you up in solid pride.
but could also bring your world to the ground.

I know what's the meaning behind those implied terms.
Implied terms are just flourished words.
The roots are still the same.

Words are words whether they're written or unwritten.
Just hold on to your words
They can be really hurtful.
Use them wisely.


wind_feng said...

it can be more hurtful than everything else if it comes from someone you really care.

JojeR said...

aiya...wind feng...let u be th 1st 1
i understand wat u wrote..
coz i had hurted sum1 really bad wif my words...
and til nw..
i oso hurtin others wif my words..
i hope i can change it asap..

Ames said...

[wind_feng] : yea..and it'll be extra extra heartbreaking.

[joker]: erm not sure if changes is possible..For some cases, even you have apologized.. the thorn will still be there..

JokeR said...

wat do i means is
i wan try to change myself..
i noe wat had done cant be undone..
but i hope i wont hurt ppl in future..

Ames said...

oh i see...good good =)