Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Baroque Music

Currently listening to Mozart - 7th Symphony
It's day 2 of study week and
I'm going crazy soon.
And my hair looks like this! FML!

My hair looks quite like Einstein's except that it's longer than his.
Tired of my deep fried hair already.
A visit to the hairdresser once i'm done with finals!

Might go back to straight black hair.
Or just stay curly lahh

I hate it when
somebody bugs me
cause it makes me vv pekchek/annoyed



PurpleHeart said...

bug u about what o?

wind_feng said...

It was the coolest hairstyle back in his time. =P

Zwei said...

good luck girl~!
good for you that u have study week. i don't have and i realized now, study week is vr important~! T__T