Thursday, October 29, 2009


Lately, I've been recieving phone calls of ppl looking for
Ali, Abu, Mohd, Lim, Ng, and wtfothernames..
Some even asked if i've had my lunch or not..=.='
and some called me 3am in the morning ..not once but 3 freaking times.
and me?.. I've repeatedly telling

I know wrong number is a common issue.
But it doesnt have to be this often...

The most annoying part was...
Some din really speak up..
They simply muttered something ..
and waited for me to speak..
So i shouted "SALAH NOMBOR"
then slammed down the phone.

The most amazing part was Mr.3am.
 The phone rang at 2.55am.
I was sound asleep + pigging out .
The brain wasnt even working.
 i simply shoved my hand under the pillow
picked up the phone and said "Hello"
I was greeted by squeeky voices here and there.
So i shouted hello again.
Idk wat was happening cause brain wasnt working.
that I can only heard ppl muttering stuff..
Very annoyed so i shouted "Salah Nomber"
then slammed the phone.

the fella called again.
  1. he doesnt know that it's 3 in the morning 
(ok i dun think he's from different time zone cause the number indicated a typical Msia num.)


2. he doesnt understand what is SALAH NOMBOR?

ok i dun need to repeat what happened on the phone
cause this freaking dude gave me squeeky voices + muttering again.
Yes i slammed down the phone for the 2nd time.
HE called again.
Too bad my brain wasnt working properly at that time.
If not..
he'll get this

Pretty pissed by the time i woke up
(brain functioning)


wind_feng said...

wah seh, got ppl wanna kacao you?

Ames said...

hmm i have no idea... =(

wind_feng said...

hmm, strange sial.
maybe the network has forwarded the wrong calls to your line.

silent your phone when you want pigging! =)

Ames said...

hahaha yes it is silent already..
but the vibration is kinda strong.
yeah it's either the network's prob.. or there are problem with my number..

PurpleHeart said...

huhu, chill chill, angry le not pretty hhaha

wind_feng said...

you just bought it?
or maybe your handphone is so strong, catching your hostelmates' signals.

Ames said...

[PurpleHeart]: thanks.. hopefully no more calls like these..

[wind_feng]: phone? nola old B&W phone.. hmmm i dun think it's that strong though...

wind_feng said...

i mean the phone number.
B&W phones are the best. I have 2!

Ames said...

yea new phone number... i think the number is too convenient.. lol..
WOw 2 b&w phones? =)

wind_feng said...

they always recycle the number and resell.
so maybe those who calls you are looking for the old owners.

i have two numbers also ma.
B&W phones react damn fast. happy to use. haha~

Ames said...

hmm yea maybe...
oo..B&W phones are really really user friendly.. and doesnt lag..