Sunday, November 1, 2009


 Exam is sooo near
and for somewhat reasons..
I have 0% mood in studying now.
Hopefully the feelings will come to me after i finish this post.

Cant wait till everything finishes.
Phew. Time flies.
Talked to mom today bout me being not productive
and to my surprise..
she's not surprise by me slacking off during study week
She said i'm worse when i'm in IPOH.
Instead of staying in the room watching dramas/movie
she said i would go out to watch a movie for real when i'm in Ipoh.
In a way, she's really supportive and she was trying to comfort me that everything will be fine.
but on the other hand,
she made me look that bad.
Love u mom. I still do.
Not forgetting dad too. for calling me at 1.00am. muahahaa.

 Good luck peeps!



those 3 got it from Pei Shan's FB.. hehehee

 Due to my lack of productiveness, i drew all those..
and including "post it" notes for my roomies and frens
I do have the habit of drawing "post its" =)

My paper is on wed.
Good luck to me.


Ok back to studying

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