Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Je déteste les mardis

And the statement changes every semester.

I found my legs almost detached from my joints today.
Very tired.
And the worst part of a tiring day is
I'll be having classes from 8am-6pm tmr.

Not to mention
accompanied by lots of to-dos.

Nuff rantings.

I have a project going on in uni to promote enterpreneurship.
They require students to form groups of 5 and start a "business" of their own.
And there'll be an expo for you to promote your stuff.
So this is mine.

This thing turned me into madness.
I went berserk while tagging ppl in the pic.
Ppl must have thought i'm out of my mind.

Gotta run.
Sayonara =)


ainee cumi2 said...

aiyoo dis ETR seriously make me sick..
i must do it twice..one during the sem then the other one for my final project..damn penat woo..

nvrmind, do ur best lengloi

Ames said...

woot u do it too? hahahaha what did u sell?

Jason said...

all the best in your wus..it's quite fun, hope u will enjoy it..